2018 GDPR

May 25th 2018, GDPR became law and our old membership register was destroyed with no names and addresses carried forward.

Consent forms were sent out before the 25th to all members that were on the old register, many we had back and quite a few we did not.

The forms were sent out twice by e-mail and once by post.

The form also stated that if we have not had the form returned dually fully completed the old member would cease to be a member of SEWDSSG

However if you still want to be a member of the group and receive updates, and generous subsidies and discounts to our events, please complete the GDPR form (which can now be found on this site) and return it to us.

Once we have had the completed form you will be added to the register and sent a membership card with the members name and membership number.

Any queries please contact the chairman John Taylor, chair@sewdssg.org